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So what's the big deal about Search-Optimized web design? Many business owners are under the mistaken impression that once you get past the text and images, all websites are created equal. This is like assuming that all cars, or homes, are created equal. Just as the quality of the engineering and construction that goes into your car or home effects their value and performance, the same follows with your website.

Due to the proliferation of various "instant website" offerings over the last number of years, many also assume that website development is simply a matter of layout choices, like arranging the furniture in the office. Unfortunately, the industry is also crowded with "designers" who are under the same delusion, often using drawing or publishing tools to create their sites.

A great looking design is only part of the website development process. The programming that goes into your website is key to your online success. The underlying code not only determines how well your site performs on different web browsers but how well your site ranks for the keywords that matter to your customers.

Sadly, many unsuspecting business owners are paying for websites with bloated, obsolete code that confuse the search engines, are not cross-browser compatible or usable on the many web-enabled devices that are available today. These sites simply frustrate visitors, reduce the impact of your marketing message and cost you opportunity.

At Net Media Pros, we know how to deliver the custom designed, high-performance website you need to maximize your online potential. Our websites are designed from the ground up to be loved by both your human customers and the search engines. Our validated search-optimized designs conform to the best practices of the industry, both for the user experience and for search engine ranking. Your SEO is done at the time of the design and throughout its construction. It is not a service that is tacked on later.

Take advantage of every opportunity to seize online success. Contact us today and lets discuss your online needs. Together we can find the solution that meets your budget and technical requirements, delivering the online experience your clients demand.

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